The XVI Dublin Forum on International Commercial Dispute Resolution

14 June 2023

12:00 noon UTC

The Forum has convened on fifteen occasions since 2007. Each year the participants meet to discuss topical issues in general international commercial arbitration, Investor State Dispute Resolution and ADR including mediation and construction adjudication.

Following the success of the online Forum in 2020 and 2021, it has been decided to alternate between an in-person event, and an on-line format in alternative years. The in-person event is highly valued by those who attend, as it provides a unique environment, for discussion among experienced practitioners under the Chatham House Rule. The online event increases reach, inclusion and diversity, while maintaining the strength and value of the in-person event for community building and participation in the round table discussion.

In 2023 the Forum will reconvene in virtual format on ZOOM, commencing at 12:00 noon UTC in Fiji and New Zealand, and progressing Westward through Asia, MENA, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

There will be four keynote speakers and 20+ panels

As ever, attendance is free of charge.

The Forum will be a public webinar, and a link to the zoom meeting will be made available in advance.

The global panels in 2023 will discuss developments in their respective regions and provide their unique perspective on global trends.




                                                       See Full Programme Here

The XV Dublin Forum

A Symposium of Dispute Resolvers

Constructing Concord in the Era of Entropy

16 June 2022 – Bloomsday

In the first in-person post-pandemic meeting convened under the shadow of international military conflict, and conscious of the climate crisis, the first discussion at the XV Dublin Forum 2022, addressed Dealing with Sanctions in Arbitration and ADR. How sanctions impact on neutrals. The roles and responsibilities of the neutral., the institution and party representatives. Which sanctions regime applies and to whom, and for how long? Nomination and pre-acceptance steps, conflicts checks, issues arising during procedures, enforceability of awards. 

The second discussion considered Attaining the UN 2030 Sustainability Goals. The entropy and strains in international political and legal systems from the UN to the EU. Challenges posed to the international arbitration system. The role of arbitration and ADR in attaining sustainable development, human rights and averting the immanent ecological disaster.

The afternoon discussion considered Ethical Challenges in Arbitration and ADR. How the obligation to disclose previous and ongoing appointments sits with the obligations to maintain confidentiality. Where the arbitrator stands following Haliburton v Chubb. Is there a hierarchy of obligations when conflicting ethical issues arise? Is the enforceability of the award or the mediated agreement at the top of the ethical pyramid? How can the arbitrator/mediator protect him/herself when faced with the dilemma and the consequences.

The attendees included practitioners from Poland, Sweden, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Switzerland, Oman, a representative from the Commonwealth Secretariat and a high-level delegation of judges, arbitrators and mediators from Georgia. Each provided perspectives from their respective regions and organisations on current trends and practice of international dispute resolution.

The XIDublin Forum on International Commercial Dispute Resolution

 June 16th 2021

Symposium of Oracles Arbitration and ADR in 2021

Practitioners’ Prescient Perspectives on Prospects for Practices in the Post Pandemic ePoch 1

The XIV annual Forum on International Dispute Resolution was convened online on 16 June 2021. This was the second occasion on which the Forum convened as a virtural event.

Ms Ann Ryan Robertson, President, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators officially opened the event which commenced with a discussion by The President’s Panel Up in which 14 past, present and future presidents of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators considered the global prospects for arbitration, institutions and practitioners in 2022 and beyond.

The attendees then travelled on a virtual world tour with presentations and discussions focussing on developments in the field of arbitration and ADR in regions across the world, starting at the Pacific Rim and Indian regions and travelling westward through, MENA, Sub Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe.

Following a break for Supper, Afternoon Tea, Morning Coffee as appropriate, there was a discussion about how the Arbitral institutions based in Europe, including WIPO, the ICC and the LCIA, Czech Arbitration Centre, and the Georgian International Arbitration Centre were meeting the challenges of the pandemic. Thereafter the world tour continued westward through Western Europe and concluded with a presentation on recent developments in American-based Arbitral Institutions including the ICDR rules and at ICSID.

The XIII Dublin Forum on International Commercial Dispute Resolution

Le Tour de Monde 2020

16 June 2020

14:00 -17:30 IRISH STANDARD TIME (UTC+01:00)

The Dublin Forum 2020 was a virtual world tour from, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, through Asia, Africa, Mena, Eastern and Western Europe and North America.

It was formally opened by Francis Xavier SC, President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

The 50 registrants, region by region participated in a four and a half hour rolling discussion of how their respective jurisdictions and practices are coping with COVID-19 restrictions and the prospect for the post-pandemic arbitration and ADR procedures.

Practitioners and stakeholders presented perspectives from New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Israel, Egypt, Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Georgia, Russia, Czech Republic, France, Spain, England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Jamaica, Canada, and USA (Texas, Midwest. Washington DC, NYC, California) and include representatives of international dispute resolution institutions.


1. Pacific Ri

New Zealand                   Petra Butler

Singapore                        Francis Xavier

Malaysia                           Datuk Sundra Rajoo

Indonesia                          Karen Mills

Hong Kong                        Anthony Houghton SC


Dubai                                Maged Hanna

Egypt                                Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Israel                                 Baruch Baigel

3. Sub-Saharan Africa

Nigeria                               Bayo Ojo SAN, Godson Ugochukwu

Kenya                                Mercy Okiro

Botswana                           Edward Luke

4 Eastern Europe  

Georgia                               Beka Injia, Sphie Tkemaladze

Russia                                 Oleg Tudua

Czech Republic                   Petr Hostas

5 Western Europe

Spain                                   Manuel Moreno-Torres

France/Italy                          Guido Carducci

Scotland                              Suzanne Tanner QC, John Campbell QC

England                               Catherine Dixon, Steven Finizio, Louis Flannery QC, Joe Tirado

Northern Ireland                  Aaron Moore

Ireland                                 Nael Bunni, Bill Holohan, Brian Hutchinson,James Bridgeman SC

6 America


        DC                               Joseph McManus, Kenneth B Reisenfeld,                                                                                                              Carlos Jose Valderrama,Jose Antonio Rivas,                                                                                                           Elizabeth B Sandza

        NYC                              Rekha Rangachari, Thomas Halket

        Mid West                       Paul Klass, James Reiman

        Texas                             Ann Ryan Robertson, Bill Towns, Richard Levin

         California                      Paul Cohen

Jamaica                                Christopher Malcolm

Canada                                  Kim Stewart, Don Marston, Danial Urbas

XII Dublin Forum 14 June

Officially opened by the Rt Hon Lord Justice Coulson Lord Justice of Appeal, England and Wales


Attendees were welcomed by James Bridgeman SC Law Library, Dublin & Gray’s Inn Square, London.

First morning discussions

“Investor State Dispute Settlement(ISDS)”
Chair: Joseph A McManus
McManus & Felsen LLP, Washington DC.

“Global developments and current trends”
were analysed in discussions from the perspectives of many regions across the world

led by: Karen Mills KarimSyah, Indonesia
Thayananthan Baskaran Baskaran, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia,
Prof Brian Hutchinson University College Dublin,
Leonora Riesenburg Chair UAE Branch CIArb.

Challenges to the ISDS system were noted as were the discussions of UNCITRAL Working III, developments in the EU as signalled by the decisions of the CJEU in Case C-284/16 Slovak Republic v Achmea BV, Opinion 01/17 and the EU Multilateral Investment Court Project.

Discussions on the progress in the amendment of the ICSID rules was informed by a video which Meg KinnearDirector General ICSID produced for the Forum and Elizabeth Sandza Wilson Elser, Washington DC, and Chair of the DC Chapter of the CIArb, provided a practitioners perspective.

Reports on current developments in various regions across the globe were presented:

Chair:William TownsArbitrator, San Antonio, Texas

  • Russia, CIS    Todua White & Case, Moscow
  • Malaysia,    Baskaran Baskaran, KL
  • Ireland,  Darren Lehane BLThe Law Library, Dublin
  • Spain,   Manuel Moreno TorresBufete Mareno Torres, Zaragoza
  • USA,   Paul Klaas North Coast Arbitration Chambers, Minneapolis
  • Indonesia,   Karen MillsKarimSyah Jakarta
  • Preparations of ICCA2020  Susanne Tanner QC,Ampersand Chambers, Edinburgh

    The first afternoon discussion,
    “Global Spread of Construction Adjudication”
    Chair:Rt Hon Lord Justice Coulson,
    Lord Justice of Appeal, England and Wales, author of the seminal text and leading reference
    Coulson on Construction Adjudication (4th ed. Oxford) (ISBN13:9780198822110)

    Emily Monasteriotis Simmons & Simmons, London, presented on the approach to Suitability of the adjudication process for large and complex cases.
    Perspectives from different jurisdictions were presented by Keith Kelliher (Kelliher & Assoc. Dublin), Don Marston ( MarstonADR, Toronto, Canada), Thayananthan Baskaran (Baskaran, Malaysia).

    Generally following a similar template as that provided in the UK Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 as amended, construction adjudication has spread across the world, particularly in common law jurisdictions. It was noted that it has become an enormous success in Malaysia, the Irish Construction Contracts Act 2013, which is effective for contracts entered into after July 2016 has begun to have impact, and it is expected that impending introduction of construction adjudication in Toronto will be followed by its introduction across all Canada. James Reiman (Arbitrator of Chicago Ill. And Chair CIArb North America Branch chaired the concluding discussions on the PRAGUE RULES informed by presentations by Natasha Peter (Gide Loyrette Louel and 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square),Patrick Taylor (Debevoise, London), Joseph Tirado (Garrigues, London and Madrid), UNCITRAL Working Group II was presented by Baruch Baiigel (Assersons, London and Tel Aviv).

  • There was no Dublin Forum in 2018.

    The Forum gave way to Mid-Summer Conference on International Dispute Resolution organised in association with the Irish Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators on the occasion of James Bridgeman SC’s term as President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

    XI Dublin Forum on International Dispute Resolution 16 June

    “Developments in International Dispute Resolution”
    Proceedings were formally opened by The Hon Mr Justice Brian McGovern.

    Keynote address was delivered by
    HE Mr. Robin Barnett CMG The British Ambassador to Ireland

    The first discussion focused on Development of Agreed Ethical Norms in International Dispute Resolution: Prof Dr Nayla Comair Obeid chaired the first discussion on Ethics and arbitral/ ADR institutions with panelists

  • Prof Dr Nael Bunni
  • Mr Anthony Abrahams,
  • Ms Laurence Burger
  • Mr Michael Carrigan.

  • Issues addressed included
  • Institutional ethical guidelines and soft law;
  • Establishment and enforcement of Codes of Conduct;
  • Regulation of membership; Diversity;
  • Use of Technology;
  • Confidentiality and Transparency
  • A prescriptive role for the State?
  • This was followed by a discussion on Ethics and Arbitral Process, chaired by Dr Derek Ross..
    The discussion was led by the panel including

  • Mr Joe Tirado,
  • Mr Louis Flannery,
  • Ms Irvinder Bakshi
  • Mr Gearoid Carey.

  • Topics included
  • Ethical Norms of Candidates as a Consideration for Arbitrator/ Adjudicator Selection;
  • Nature and Extent of Disclosure by the Participants of their Adherence to Ethical Codes of Conduct;
  • Third Party Funding and Disclosure.

  • A discussion on Ethics and evidence was chaired by Mr William Towns and was introduced by a panel: including
  • Mr John Doyle
  • Mr Robert Sliwinski
  • with topics:
  • Including witness statements
  • Preparation of witnesses
  • Statutory or Institutional Regulation of Expert Witnesses.
  • Ethical issues and mediation of commercial disputes was the theme of the final morning session which was presided over by Ms Jane Gunn and a panel of

  • Ms Anne Marie Blaney
  • Mr Andrew Parsons

  • Topics included:
  • Statutory codes of conduct and regulation;
  • Ethical behaviour by institutions and trainers
  • Ethics and mediation process
  • Ethics and Party Representatives in mediation
  • The Afternoon Forum was opened by the former Taoiseach of Ireland Mr Bertie Ahern who gave his personal perspective on the peace process in Northern Ireland.

    The Forum concluded with the following regional reports:

  • Russia – Pavel Boulatov;
  • USA – William Towns
  • UK – Adjudication – Dr Derek Ross
  • A view from Belfast – Mr Patrick Fleming
  • Ireland and Adjudication – Mr John T Gibbons SC
  • Ireland and Mediation – Mr Bill Holohan
  • X Dublin Forum on International Dispute Resolution 17 June

    “Developments in International Dispute Resolution”
    Proceedings were formally opened by The Hon Mr Justice Brian McGovern.

    The keynote presentation, Developments in International Dispute Resolution
    was delivered by
    Steven Finizio Wilmer Hale, London.

    Discussions on international arbitration

    “Developments in Arbitration within the Caribbean”
    Chair:Daniel Margolis,
    Washington DC, 
    lead by:Rhonson Salim, The Open University, UK

    Changing Landscape of Arbitration Reform in Russia
    Oleg Todua,
    White & Case Moscow,

    “Should an international arbitral tribunal engage in the facilitation of a settlement of the dispute?”
    Axel Reeg, Reegrechtsanwälte, Manheim, Germany

    “The preparation of witnesses in international arbitration – how far can it go?”
    Richard Morris, Systech International, Trustee and past Chair of Board of Management of the Chartered Insitute of Arbitrators

    “The Role of Arbitration and Mediation in Small State Law Enforcement and Dispute Resolution. “
    Professor George Barker, Australian National University

    Discussions on international mediation

    “Trends in Regulation of Mediation in Europe”
    Chair:James Bridgeman,
    Barrister at Law
    led by Sabine Walsh, President of the Mediators Institute of Ireland.

    “Update on Mediation in Ireland”
    Cormac Dulacháin,
    Senior Counsel

    “Northern Ireland – resolving post-conflict issues”
    Geoffrey Corry
    Past President of the Mediators Institute of Ireland Northern Ireland resolving post-conflict issues.

    The afternoon discussions were devoted to Construction Adjudication:

    “Construction Adjudication Goes Global!”
    Chair:William Towns,
    Novak Druce, Houston, Texas, USA
    Led by: Charles Brown, Immediate Past President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators,

    UK Construction Adjudication in Ireland and UK Compared,
    Tony Bingham,
    Arbitrator and Adjudicator,

    “The Role of the Courts. “
    John Gibbons SC
    Irish Construction Adjudication

    IX Dublin Forum on International Arbitration 2007

    “Arbitration and Competition”
    Official Opening by Mr Alex White, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.

    “Global Developments in International Dispute Resolution“
    Charles Brown President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

    “Investor State Arbitration “
    Chair:Mr George Zurabashvili Chargé d’Affaires, Republic of Georgia

    “Asia – the Harbinger of Our Work to Come“
    Datuk Prof.Sundra Rajoo

    “Energy Charter Arbitration“
    Mr Joe Tirado

    “ADR in Investor Disputes“
    Mr. Wolf Von Kumberg

    “ISDS & TTIP“
    Mr James Bridgeman

    “Regional Reports and Institutional Updates“
    Mr William Towns

    “Arbitration in Russia“
    Pavel Boulatov

    “Developments in the Middle East“
    Gordon Blanke

    “Developments in Ukraine“
    Mr Evgen Blinov

    “The Second Hundred Years“
    Mr.Anthony Abrahams CIArb

    “ IBA Mediation Study Group“
    Mr Joe Tirado

    “Privacy and Confidentiality“
    Mr Joe Tirado

    “Energy Charter Arbitration“
    Chair: Mr Dan Margolis

    “Privacy and Confidentiality in Irish Arbitration and ADR“
    Mr Gearoid Carey

    “Desirability of reporting arbitration and adjudication awards and decisions“
    Mr Andrew Burr

    “ Privacy and Confidentiality – A Civil Law Perspective“ (in redacted form)
    Ms Fanny-Marie Briset

    “Privacy and Confidentiality in the Work of an Ombudsman“
    Ms Paulyn Marrinan Quinn

    VIII Dublin Forum on International Arbitration

    “Current Developments in international Arbitration and Mediation”

    Having completed seven consecutive years addressing antitrust, intellectual property and general international commercial arbitration and ADR. In July 2014 the Forum continued with a broad theme, discussing topical issues of relevance to international arbitration and ADR practitioners.

    Morning Programme addressed international arbitration practice and arbitration institutions and procedures.

    Afternoon Programme includes developments in ADR and country/ regional reports from Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, UK, Middle East, India, Australia and the Pacific Rim.

    Discussions were led by:

  • Pavel Boulatov            Russia, Moscow
  • Tony Bingham              UK, London
  • John Campbell            UK, Edinburgh
  • Nayla Comair-Obeid   Lebanon
  • Michael Fysh                UK, London
  • John Gaffney                UAE, Abu Dhabi
  • Vít Horáček                   Czech Republic, Prague
  • Malcolm Holmes         Australia
  • Catherine Kessejian    France
  • Dan Margolis                USA, Washington DC
  • Ercus Stewart               Ireland
  • Michael Stephens        UK, London
  • William Towns              USA, Texas
  • Charles Verrill              USA, Washington DC    
  • VII Dublin Forum on International Arbitration

    “Innovation and Opportunities in International Dispute Resolution”

    Having completed three consecutive years addressing antitrust and arbitration in 2007-2009, the Forum had a focus on Intellectual Property disputes in 2010.

    In 2011 the Forum discussed recent developments in institutional rules (UNCITRAL, ICC, WIPO, AAA, JAMS) and important changes in the regulatory environment resulting from EU initiatives in ADR and the revision of Brussels 1 Regulation.

    In 2012 the discussions had a focus on international cultural and ethical issues.

    In its seventh year the Forum put the emphasis on innovation and opportunities for disputants, advisors and neutrals. The scope of discussions included international mediation/ADR and other forms of dispute resolution.

    As the theme of the discussions put a focus on innovation and opportunities, there was a panel on MedArb.

    VI Dublin Forum on International Arbitration

    In 2012, the Forum was opened by Irish Government Minister Mr Fergus O’Dowd TD

    Topics discussed:

    • Choice of Arbitrator and Mediator
    • Perspectives and Expectations in International Dispute Resolution
    • Diversity in cultural approaches to procedural and ethical issues

    “Global Developments in International Dispute Resolution“
    Jeffrey Elkinson President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

    “Third party funding “
    Joe Tirado Norton Rose

    “Different approaches to handling of witnesses“
    Lord Goldsmith Debvoise & Plimpton

    “Selection and appointment procedures“
    Hannah Tumpel ICC

    “Inter-cultural and regional approaches to mediation“
    Jeremy Lack, Geneva

    “An update on developments in the USA – forum non conveniens and Figuerido v The Republic of Peru. “
    Charles Verrill Wiley Rein, Washington DC

    V Dublin Forum on International Arbitration

    “Rules and Regulations – Recent Changes to Institutional Rules”
    Having completed three consecutive years addressing antitrust and arbitration 2007-2009, in 2010 the Forum had a focus on Intellectual Property.

    In 2011 the Forum took a more generic theme. The focus was on recent developments in institutional rules (UNCITRAL, ICC, WIPO, AAA, JAMS) and important changes in the regulatory environment resulting from EU initiatives in ADR and the revision of Brussels 1 Regulation.

    As in 2010, the scope of discussion was widened beyond arbitration to include mediation/ADR and other forms of dispute resolution.

    “JAMS procedures update“
    Lorraine Brennan JAMS

    “WIPO update “
    Alejandro Garcia Herbert Smith

    “CIETAC update)“
    Anthony Connerty Lamb Chambers

    “UNCITRAL rules update“
    Julia Zagonek White & Case

    “AAA update“
    Joseph Matthews Colson Hicks Eidson

    “USA enforcement caselaw update“
    Charles Verrill Wiley Rein LLP

    “Revision of Brussels 1 Regulation“
    James Bridgeman Lamb Chambers and Law Library Dublin

    IV Dublin Forum on International Arbitration

    “Forum Shopping and Beauty Parades: Choices in International Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution”
    The Programme was opened by The Hon. Mrs Justice Fidelma Macken, Judge of the Supreme Court of Ireland, formerly Judge of the European Court of Justice.

    Morning Discussions Chair:

    Joe Behan, President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

    Afternoon Discussions: Chair:

    Garoid Schuttte, President, The Association of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

    Keynote Address:

    “Unique Considerations for the International Arbitration of Disputes“
    M. Scott Donahey, Arbitrator and Mediator, Ca., USA.

    The Discussions were led as follows:
    Choice of Law Thomas Halket, Halket Weitz LLP.

    Choice of Process
    Michael M Collins SC, Chairman, Bar Council of Ireland

    Panellist:Charles Verrill, Wiley Rein LLP, USA

    Choice of Institution/ Rules
    David Perkins, Arnold & Porter LLP UK

    Panellist:Guido Carducci, Professor of Law at MC Paris

    Panellist:Thierry Calame, Lenz &Staehelin, Switzerland

    “Choice of Neutral ”
    Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet UK

    “New developments In Internet Domain Name Disputes”
    Andrew Lothian Demys, Scotland

    “A role for Dispute Boards in IP Disputes? ”
    Michael Cover, Barrister, Arbitrator, Mediator

    “Injunctions in support of ADR ”
    Colin Pearson, Cleary Gottlieb Steen &Hamilton

    “CNew WIPO Rules for Film and Media Disputes”
    James Bridgeman, Barrister

    III Dublin Forum on International Arbitration

    “Developments in International Arbitration Law”
    The Third Dublin Forum on Arbitration and Competition convened on 12 June 2009 at the Stephens Green Hibernian Club, Dublin. The discussions centred on developments in the EU in the light of the West Tankers decision, the review of Brussels I, Regulation 1/2003 and the operation of Rome I Regulation. Papers were presented on developments in the USA in the field of class action arbitration in anti-trust disputes, the availability of discovery in the USA in aid of foreign anti-trust arbitral proceedings and the the Scottish Arbitration Bill.

    Morning Discussions Chair:

    John Campbell, QC, President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

    “The West Tankers decision of the ECJ and the proposals of the Heidelberg Report “
    Prof. Dr. Burkhard Hess, Director of the Institute for Private International and Economic Law, University of Heidelberg.

    “Review of Regulation 1/2003 “
    Donnchadh Woods, European Commission – Directorate General for Competition.

    “The new Rome | Regulation on the law applicable to international contracts and international commercial arbitration“
    Dr Guido Carducci, Law Professor MC Paris, Attorney

    The discussions were led by panellists
    Prof. Avv. Luca G. Radicati di Brozolo, Bonelli Erede Pappalardo, Milan and Brian Hutchinson, Senior Lecturer, University College Dublin.

    Afternoon Discussions: Chair:

    Daniel H. Margolis, Attorney, Arbitrator, Mediator – Washington DC. USA

    “USA Discovery in aid of foreign and domestic anti-trust suits “
    Charles Verrill & Wiley Rein LLP, Washington DC. USA.

    “Developments in Class Action Arbitration in the United States “
    Barbara Reeves Neal, JAMS.

    “Developments in Arbitration in Scotland“
    Michael Forbes Smith, Director General, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

    The discussions were led by panellists
    Alexandre de Gramont, Crowell & Moring, Washington DC, USA and Prof. Luis Morais, Paz Ferreira & Associados, Lisbon, Portugal, Professor Lisbon Law University

    II Dublin Forum on International Arbitration

    “Arbitration and Competition”
    The presentations and discussions addressed recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards, a USA perspective on anti-trust arbitration and developments within the EU.

    “Arbitration and competition law: autonomy or public policy?“
    Laurence Idot

    “How intrusive should judicial review of antitrust awards be? “
    Alexis Mourre

    “The application of competition rules by arbitrators“
    Luca G. Radicati di Brozolo

    “U.S. Experience With Arbitrating Antitrust Claims Based On The Respondent’s Horizontal Agreement With A Non-Party“
    Donald I Baker

    “Arbitration In The United States of Private Antitrust Claims and Third Party Claims Under Remedial Provisions of Agency Enforcement Orders. “
    Daniel H Margolis

    “The Damages White Paper of April 2008: Implications for Arbitration“
    Assimakis Komninos

    “An update on Arbitration in Merger Remedies in the EU “
    Gordon Blanke

    “Arbitration and Article 82 EC – reflections on a recent decision of the Swedish Supreme Court.“
    Karl Johan Dhuner

    I Dublin Forum on International Arbitration

    “Arbitration and Competition”
    The presentations and discussions focused on developments of anti- trust arbitration in the EU and the USA.

    “A second look after ECO Swiss/Benetton“
    Diederik de Groot

    “Arbitration in EU merger control “
    Gordon Blanke

    “Arbitrating antitrust in USA – current issues“
    Mike Blechman

    “Arbitrating Competition Law Issues“
    James Bridgeman