Dublin as a Seat

Ireland is an English speaking, Common Law, New York Convention, Washington Convention jurisdiction.

It is the only English speaking, fully common law jurisdiction within the European Union.

The Irish Arbitration Act 2010, governs arbitration with a seat in Ireland.

The Act adopts the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Arbitration for both international and domestic arbitration.

Court applications relating to arbitration matters may be brought before the Commercial Division of the High Court, which has managed procedures.

The Mediation Act 2017 was to facilitate the settlement of disputes by mediation, to specify the principles applicable to mediation, to specify arrangements for mediation as an alternative to the institution of civil proceedings or to the continuation of civil proceedings that have been instituted; to provide for codes of practice to which mediators may subscribe.

The Construction Contracts Act, 2013 introduced adjudication for qualifying disputes relating to payments under construction contracts entered into after the 25 July 2016


Bloomsday, 16 June, is the annual commemoration of the life and work of the great Irish writer James Joyce and his celebrated novel Ulysses.

The novel is set in Dublin on 16 June 1904 and traces the odyssey and the stream of consciousness of the principal character Leopold Bloom on the summer’s day.

The work is populated by the characters Molly Bloom, Stephen Dedalus, Buck Mulligan and The Citizen, who have become as familiar and often better known in the culture of Dublin as many historical characters.

The Dublin Forum is held as near as possible to Bloomsday each year to allow the participants to experience and enjoy Dublin at its festive best.